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Welcome to Express Document Authentication Services (EDAS).

We are an agency located in the Washington, DC area that helps organizations and individuals obtain proper certifications of documents for international use from various United States and state government agencies and/or consulates/embassies.

Document authentication and legalization is becoming an increasingly common requirement for a wide range of international transactions.Any organization or private citizen may need document authentication and legalization services in connection with a business agreement; registering a diploma or a degree; establishing residency; adopting a child; or any number of other transactions with or in a foreign country.

We provide expedited authentication by the U.S. State Department and rush legalization by an embassy/consulate. We have excellent working relationships with the U.S. State Department and consulates/embassies that represent their countries government. We have the experience to walk you through any document situation. Our office is located just minutes from the embassies/consulates and the U.S. State Department.

Our primary objective is to ensure our clients documents are processed timely and efficiently. The document authentication and legalization process can be very frustrating. Our objective is to relieve you of this burden.

With a decade of experience in this area, EDAS can walk you through the entire process. We expedite the handling and submission of your documents, making the experience easy and painless. EDAS considers each client, regardless of size, to be very important and is dedicated to providing prompt, responsive service and personal attention.

Your document request is our priority. We offer a fast and complete document authentication and legalization service at a reasonable price. After completing the authentication and/or legalization process, EDAS will safely return to you documents that are ready for use in the designated country. Contact us at 1-866-886-8472 or e-mail at
info@expressauthentication.com to begin experiencing the stress free way of document authentication and legalization.

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